Halcyon City

A glittering beacon of civilisation and haven to more superheroes than any other city on Earth!
Since the 1920’s, Halcyon has been home to dashing heroes, evil masterminds, strange aliens and more. The public have become used to superhero fights tearing up streets, dinosaur infestations in the sewers and alternate timelines infecting whole city blocks.
The heroes of the Golden Age founded the city and their statues glisten in the morning sky, standing on the west coast. The heroes of the Silver Age carved their legacy in the fantastical skyscrapers and exotic parks. The scars of the Bronze Age heroes are still felt in the craters, slums and dark alleyways.
Many heroes from each generation still exist, vying for public attention and reminding people of their lineage. You are all young superheroes, struggling to find out who you are, where you fit and what your generation will bring to Halcyon City!

Masks: A New Generation

Op masks MarkGossage lee_j_reeves Luke_Stratford